Michael A Coppola  



"The Music Man"

Nominee  BEST ACTOR - Spotlight on the Arts Awards

… At center in the high jinx is protagonist Michael Coppola as Professor Harry Hill whose sure-footed antics 

and lyrically precise voice possesses all the aplomb you could ask for in the starring role.

His rendition of "Ya Got Trouble" is something you'll want to see a second, dare I say third time.

Coppola is the glue in the brilliantly written Broadway classic, but the actors and actresses he holds together are equally impressive …


Harrison Thorp – the Lebanon Voice

"The Janitor"

Nominee  BEST ACTOR - Massachusetts Independent Film Festival


...The hit man is played convincingly by Michael Coppola, whose almost Michael Madsen like 

presence weaves itself perfectly into the fabric of Battle's black-and-white lensing and sparse dialogue...

Richard Propes - The Independent Critic

...Its not just the music that really humanizes the character, the scenes of him feeding the ducks and sitting at home in his kitchen 

add further depth to his character. Of course this would be all without worth if performance wasn’t up to scratch. 

Thankfully Micheal Coppola in the lead is superb and the combination of his work and the films bleak visual style 

really gel together to create a dark but entertaining piece...

- Strangers in a Cinema

"The Odd Couple"

He (Michael Coppola) is it, the lovable, lackadaisical slob the script calls for,

but a bit fresher and more contemporary.  Its a natural take ...

...Oscar and Felix have a nice easy relationship.  Even the less pleasant banter between them feels like the real thing between long-time friends ...

Jeanne McCartin - Seacoast Arts and Entertainment

"Jekyll and Hyde"

Nominee  BEST ACTOR - New Hampshire Theatre Awards

"The Fantasticks"

Winner Best Actor in a Musical - New Hampshire Theatre Awards